Greci-town = 'Katundi'

(emblem of the town of Greci)
The town of Greci is situated in the South of Italy in the province of the city of Avellino in the Campania region. It is an Arbereshe town , with Italian-Albanian origin. The Arbereshe culture continues to live with a strong effort of the 'Grecesi' , Greci inhabitants.

When a Greci inhabitant go back to the town of Greci , call it with the word 'Katundi'.

'Katundi' it's an Albanian word and it means 'town'.

This is a special way to call a town, because they don't use the proper noun but the common noun. This a very distinctive mark of fame, since other few cities full of history use a common noun to call them.

Few cities like Rome called 'Urbe' from latin it means city, Istanbul from the greek word "eis ten polin" (city).

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