Living in Rome

I want to share with you my life in Rome. I would like you to feel as you were here. Here in Rome - Italy.
I will make as much as I can to make you try what it means to live in Rome in bad and good way.
Feel free to ask me whatever you have in mind. Any doubt , answer and suggestion is more than appreciated.
Let's begin Our travel.
Have a look to this video , the song is of a famous Roman singer Antonello Venditti, and the title is 'Roma Capoccia' , that in Roman slang means the capital Rome.


Sarah said...

Beautiful! More than ever makes me want to visit.


lutiek said...

Alessandra, thank you so much for putting this together! The chocolate dessert looks amazing, can't wait to try it myself. More importantly, can't wait to return to Italy to visit you and your family. Hope all is well. Love, Lutie

Mary Esther said...

Hello there cuz,
This is MAryEsther in Akron,Oh USA SO good to see your site its wonderful girl.. The pixs are awesome and I want to come visit...
I know your receipes are the best from the ones you gave me before. AND anything that starts with dark choc is, well, decadent..
Keep up the great job, we're all enjoying YOUR ROME!!
Much Love Mary Esther

Anonymous said...

Alessandra, Thank you for sharing this with us. I have the site bookmarked so I can check it out often. I cant wait to return to Italy hopefully this year. I have friends that live in Savona, Gieta & Rome so I try to visit all of them while I am there. Cant wait to see what you send to us next :)

Jan Scrima

Chocolat said...

Thank you for the sweet words , they help me to go on into this dream-project..

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the muffins taste as wonderful as they look. I will definitely make them very soon.
And, I'll look forward to the other muffin recipes you told me about!
I know your uncle Leonardo would be very honored that he's been remembered in such a nice way.
Love, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Dear Allesandra,

I believe my husband is part of your family. His grandfather came to New York in the early 1900's from Greci - his name was Pasquale Norcia, his mother was Vencenza Strada. She came also. They settled in the Bronx NY. Jerry Boscia helped me find family and if your grandmother was Carosina DiMinno and her husband was John (Giovani)
Norcia let me know. You might also be related on his grnadmother's side the D'Atoli's also from Greci.
According to my familytreemakers your uncle Leonard and my husband are 5th cousins.

My husband loves to cook. Do you put raisins in your meatballs?

His great grandmother did that.

Carolyn Norcia

Chocolat said...

Hi Carolyn, my grandmotehr wasn't Carosena Norcia, but I'm sure we are related. Anyway I don't put raisins in meatballs.Thank you for your comment.Chocolat.