Every story has a start...

My grandmother's brother Leonardo Norcia left from Greci-Italy for the States in 1920 to find luck. He was in touch with my grand-mother Carosena Norcia by mail by mail.

In 1980 my grandmother died , I was 13 years old, then I lost any contact with him.I always thought about him and his sons and daughters , but I knew only his last name and first name, I didnt' remember where he lived.
(The passenger record of Leonardo Norcia)

Five years ago I decided I wanted to find him or at least his family. I was very lucky because after two months of researches on internet , hundred of emails sent , I found a man living in Arizona Nick Norcia (he is my far cousin too, thank you Nick !) fan of genealogical researches. He had and has a huge database of Greci's people and my uncle was in it ! He was able to find all his family.They live in Wisconsin.Now we are in touch and they came to visit me and Italy one year ago (it was their first time here in Italy). It was one of the biggest experience in my life.

Last September Sally , my cousin Peter Norcia's wife, came here and we met.

This the start of a fascinating trip , because since I started to search for my Norcia's relative in the States, I have met (in person here in Rome ,and only by email or by phone) a lot of friends and above all a lot of relatives.

Lot of American people with Italian roots.

Thank you , my life is more rich since I met all of you...

A particular tribute to my uncle Leonardo Norcia who decide to left for the States , leaving here all his family even if he was only 17. Thank you to all the Italians that decide to left, lot of courage and will.

Thank you...